[ 2015-07-28 ]

[Hugo Antonin is sitting up on Petri Hit playing his recorder. Radan Flex approaches and asks about playing it. He has a try, but has other things in mind and kisses Hugo, who responds eagerly. Ondra Radni is in the garden working when he finds Alan Carly sleeping on a bench. He wakes him up and pulls off his shorts. Alan stands and Ondra takes hold of his cock and begins to wank it. Arny Donan is collecting logs with his buddy Paul Belonek. But, as always with Arny, he is horny. Feigning tiredness he sits and has Paul start to massage his shoulders. Paul's hand works the shoulders, sliding down to Arny's pecs too. Arny leans back offering his mouth and Paul bends to kiss him. We find Tomas Melus and Mate More on Petrin Hill, watching the funicula. Then as they walk a little they decide to go home, where they immediately start to make out. As they kiss Mate removes Tomas' shirt and has the same done to him. Their hands roam all over the hot bodies.]


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